Postup při řešení stížností a/nebo křivd

These Grievance Procedures have been created for use in investigations and mediations of any formal grievance-alleging violations of the Code of Ethics and Standards. These Procedures are administered by the third-party mediators – Safe Mediation – unless otherwise specified.

We intend that individuals subject to the Code will act honourably. We also recognise that people have limitations, exhibit unconscious bias, make mistakes and occasionally do harm without intending to. In keeping with the ethos of our events, actions are meant to be constructive, restorative and a time for learning and growing rather than punitive. In circumstances of ethical transgressions, we understand the significance of proper restorative and growth resolutions that will not only make up for the transgression and restore, but also improve the calibre and efficacy of the professional’s future behaviour. We will not retaliate against anybody who files a grievance per these Procedures and will not tolerate anyone else doing the same.