27th March – 2nd April 2023
24th – 30th July 2023
2nd – 8th October 2023
Czech Republic

The AwakeningWithin Foundation has developed this event to be as efficient as possible, so it will be a practical training, by what we call intensive experiential training. Experiential training develops your skills quickly and gives you direct experience of coaching with participants in real life conditions, so therefore this event will combine both theory and practice through giving and receiving.

In this unique, advanced, educational and profound training for sexual trapeze artists with Andrew Barnes, you will learn the art and skills needed to deepen and enrich your relationship with life – where self-responsibility, openness, intimacy, sexuality, creativity, vitality, passion, pleasure and love become the orientation of life.

After completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Participation if you are able to complete all elements of the program.

AwakeningWithin Foundation Coaching offers a new way to approach sexuality, relationships, and to being alive. Here, the emphasis is on being comfortable with feeling in each moment. Feeling more grounded in our bodies, more love in our relationships, and more vital and creative in our life. By reconnecting to our felt senses, we experience greater intuition and flow in our day-to-day experiences, as well as greater depth in our sexuality and intimacy.

At the heart of AwakeningWithin Foundation Coaching is practice: Coaches and participants have an opportunity for the direct experience of transforming their relationships,
for healing, and for increasing their capacity for bliss states in the entire body. This becomes a gateway for discovery of what we want in life as a whole.

AwakeningWithin Foundation Coaching is an integration of cutting-edge coaching theory, Health Science, Tantric and Taoist practices, with simple yet transformational relationship and sexuality philosophies. AwakeningWithin Coaching signifies the evolution of the relationship and sexuality field.


  • Determine risks, safety factors, appropriate meeting schedules, and eligibility for sexuality coaching. When to do, when not to do and how to communicate this clearly…
  • Understanding the deactivation of brain functions during sexual arousal/stimulation in women and men and how this impacts the course of sex coaching.
  • Understanding how psychosocial-sexual conditioning affects people’s perceptions, motivations and expectations when seeking sex coaching, and how to safely manage and lead the encounter in a way that is most supportive and transparent.
  • Learn how to make a care plan for the period before and after sex coaching.
  • How to explain the importance of boundaries and limits and personal accountability and how they apply to both the coach and the participant.
  • Understanding the psychosomatics of common and less common sexual problems of women and men.
  • Understanding why so many women don’t reach orgasm and have low libido. It’s not about physical issues as much as it is about certain psychosocial issues.
  • Learn the emotional reasons why women experience pain or burning or numbness in their genitals and why it is difficult or impossible for them to experience pleasure, orgasm, ejaculate either alone or with another man.
  • Learn de-armouring – vaginal, clitoral, G-spot and uterine – and advanced practices to support women in overcoming psychosomatic-sexual-emotional issues.
  • Learn how to massage the breasts to cleanse the lymphatic system and reconnect the nipples and clitoris.
  • Learn de-armouring of the male genitalia and advanced practices to support men to overcome psychosomatic sexual emotional issues.
  • Explore how BDSM and Shibari practices can be incorporated into sex coaching sessions.
  • Learn how sexual energy can be used as fuel for living everyday life and how states of orgastic bliss can heal the body and expand consciousness.
  • Understand how the chakras relate to certain glands in the body and how to activate higher level glands. For example, how to activate the thyroid gland to be orgasmic and ejaculate, or the pineal gland to produce DMT.
  • Experience an orgasmic breathing dance meditation with cocoa.
  • Experience a sananga ceremony.
  • Learn yoga and chi kung to strengthen the nervous system to be able to tolerate more pleasure for longer.
  • Learn Tantric Body De-armouring and how to work with energy.
  • Learn the relationship map (although this training will not enable you to become a relationship map coach).

This program works with the body and therefore has been designed to expand each of your levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. During the exclusive training program, you can receive customized exercises, practices and meditations to explore yourself and your relationships. You will receive recommended readings in relation to relationships, the inner child and sexuality along with herbal supplements to support the activation of the higher levels of the chakras and glands.

After completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Participation if you are able to complete all elements of the program.

Please keep in mind that this is an advanced training for women who are already practicing sexual healing and coaching. You will only use this training for personal and individual work and for working with couples. 

As this workshop is about sexuality and pleasure, it may include exercises involving nudity and seuxal touch. Please know that there is nothing you have to do, nor will there be any pressure from your fellow retreatants, and all the while the depth of participation is determined by you alone. If you need to, say NO to anyone including the organizer and facilitator at any time during the retreat.


Retreat is in english with czech translation


Once payment 1.750 EUR payd on registration or

in 3 payments – summa 1.950 EUR

650 EUR – payd on registration

650 EUR – payd till 2nd training’s week

650 EUR – payd till 3rd training’s week

Accommodation and food are charged separately.


27th March – 2nd April 2023
24th – 30th July 2023
2nd – 8th October 2023

​​Czech Republic


Accommodation is in three- to six-bed rooms or on mattress in meditation hall.
The diet includes foods of the high quality and superfoods.

Bed in room with detoxification food is 38 EUR per day
Mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food is 36 EUR per day

By filling out the form, you agree to the Terms and Conditions_standard or Terms and Conditions_discount.

By completing the form you agree to the Principles and Rules of the workshop

We do recommend you attend this workshop if you are a person who:

  • Has already been through this process of therapy to heal and let go of your past stresses, and are now ready to breakthrough to the other side and be in the moment, and reinvent your sexuality and explore new practices and ways of being a mature self responsible adult.
  • This retreat is transformational, rather than therapy, and therefore requires attendees to maintain self-responsibility and clear communication and boundary setting throughout the event and with the facilitator and other attendees.
  • Enjoys fun stuff like dancing, drinking cacao, playing around, sex magic rituals, sharing sexual energy and pleasure etc, we recommend you only attend if you are ok with having some fun as well as going deep.
  • We only recommend you attend if you are willing to be in the moment, let go of your self pressuring, and be willing to go on a journey of self discovery with other like minded people one moment at a time…

We do not recommended you attend if you:

  • Have unresolved trauma or sexual abuse or mental health condition. We recommend that you seek support from a trained medical practitioner, trauma therapist or psychotherapist.
  • This is not a therapy event and a therapist or medical practitioner does not facilitate it. We do not recommend that you attend this event, if you are looking for therapy support from a therapist for any unresolved issues that you may have. This retreat is transformational, rather than therapy.
  • If you are unable to communicate your wants, needs, and personal boundaries, then we do not recommend you attend.
  • Have a medical condition that will stop you from being physically active during the retreat.
  • Have been pressured by someone to attend the retreat, we don’t recommend you attend. This is for people that want to participate of their own free will.
  • The facilitator is not at the event to fulfil a role as a therapist or teacher or medical practitioner, but simply as a fellow human that will share their knowledge, experience and wisdom with you. This means they will not be taking on the responsibility of creating a safe space for you, you will be required to do this for yourself. If you are not comfortable with this, we do not recommend you attend.
  • The facilitator may or may not participate in exercises and practices during the event. If you are not comfortable with this, we do not recommend you attend.
  • The facilitator is there as a fellow human being, with the same human and sexual rights and responsibilities as anyone else attending and will not be fulfilling a stereotypical teacher/therapist role or acting as a type of parental figure. If you have a tendency to project unmet parental needs onto facilitators or you expect them to act as ‘teacher or therapist’ then we do not recommend you attend.


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