10th – 14th April 2024
Center Ziva Voda, Kohoutov u Trutnova, Czech Republic

“Breaking the cycle of addiction to ejaculation is the rite of passage into manhood”

Are you up for challenge? Are you coming or not? 

The Men’s Natural Rhythms Method To Sexual Continence retreat is designed by Andrew Barnes to guide you into understanding your natural sexual cycle and how you can use it to explore your maximum potential both in and out of the bedroom… 

After many generations of males living out of alignment with their sexuality, most have lost awareness of the subtle yet powerful natural rhythms pulsing through their body. These rhythms can become a guiding force in understanding your sexuality and how to expand your ability to feel pleasure and build vitality, sexual energy, and to make love with your partner for longer, and more deeply, wildly, and consciously. 

We will be exploring many practices and meditations to end the cycle of addiction to ejaculation, how to increase your sexual energy to use as a fuel for living, and to create a heart-centred sexuality so we can bring more love into the world… All of which are essential building blocks to enjoying a sexual continence lifestyle. 

We will explore on the retreat:

  • Meditations to strengthen your nervous system so you can tolerate more pleasure. 
  • Tantric Body De-armouring to release frenetic sexual tension, which blocks your ability to feel subtle energy.
  • Understand the implications and causes of why so many males are addicted to their ejaculation and what to do about it.
  • Understand how ejaculation addiction negatively affects all areas of your life, especially your intimate relationships.
  • Learn the step-by-step process involved in breaking the cycle of addiction to ejaculation.
  • How to overcome blue balls…and keep a healthy prostate gland
  • Learn how to discover the natural rhythm of your body and use it as a guide for when it is healthy to ejaculate and when it’s not.
  • Understand the causes of premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and erectile problems and what are the solutions.
  • Why when making love is energy and heart more powerful than friction/techniques, and how to transform friction-focused sex into a heart-centred intuitive sexual meditation.
  • Understand the dynamic flux of feminine and masculine qualities and how to embody these in your daily life and when making love.
  • Learn ways that with practice you can separate orgasm and ejaculation and become multi-orgasmic.
  • Understand the interplay between culture, diet, sexuality, gender roles, females/males, and the impact these have on our relationships and what to do about it.
  • Experience the powerful Men’s Reconciliation Ritual and begin to create more empathic, compassionate, trusting, and kind relationships with other males.
  • Understand the resentments females’ carry and what to do about it in your relationship and in daily life.
  • Understand the natural rhythms of female sexuality so you can bond in 
     ays that will support the opening of pleasure and orgasmic potentials within her body, which may surprise you both quite a lot ...
  • Use the Relationship Map created by Andrew to transform your relationships, and to understand and express your emotions and feelings, and how to live with greathearted love …
  • Experience a ‘Cacao Men Can Dance Class’; you’ll be surprised at how fluent and rhythmically you can dance and how much fun it is, once you know some simple tricks.
  • Experience the Sananga ceremony.

After this retreat you will have the opportunity to really challenge yourself by a commitment to end the cycle of addiction to ejaculation by practicing the meditations learned on the retreat and by abstaining from ejaculation for 6-months.

Yep! That’s correct 6-months! And nope is not a joke!… 

Why the FUCK for SIX MONTHS WITHOUT EJACULATING you might be screaming? Well, that’s a good question. 

Simply, because it takes at least that amount of time to calm our frenetic nervous system after a lifetime of ejaculation addiction and then for the natural rhythms to arise in the body, and for you to create new ways of being in your sexuality. 

Some men freak out at the mere thought of not ejaculating for a short period of time. But don’t worry; once you embody concepts and practices of this retreat, and are able to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, it will make your standard ejaculation experience seem like a cheap crappy takeaway meal compared with the 5-star gourmet smorgasbord of sexual continence

A little about Andrew: He isn’t running this retreat because he exclaims himself to be some kind of ‘Tantric NINJA Master’. But rather as someone that’s been deeply exploring sexuality for over 30 years. 

     Much of the retreat content has evolved out of his own desperation to overcome personal problems like ejaculation addiction, premature ejaculation, and erectile issues in his younger years, along with insecurities about himself as a man, and regarding women and sex. 

     On his journey, he happened to stumble across the fascinating truth that males have a sexual cycle, and what it’s to be used for, when he abstained from sex for 2 years and from ejaculation for 1 year at aged 24. Many years later, he created the Men’s Natural Rhythms Method to Sexual Continence. It’s now time for other men to know. 

     Now that Andrew’s been living this lifestyle fully for several years, his desire is that other men can learn from the many mistakes he’s made rather than for them to have go through the pain and confusion of making all the mistakes themselves …

Some important points to clarify:

  • Not ejaculating does not mean not having sex or not having orgasms, it just means not ejaculating, and don’t panic, it’s not for ever, just 6-months…after that your body’s natural rhythms will guide you as to when to ejaculate or not.
  • If you want to attend to learn some ‘Tantric NINJA Master’ techniques to impress and show off to women, then please understand this retreat is not for you. Please do not register
  • This retreat is for men that genuinely care about creating a heart-centred sexuality and for bringing more greathearted love into the world and their relationships.
  • As with anything in life, sometimes things happen quickly and sometimes slowly. On the retreat you will learn what I have done as a fast track, but this does not always equate to your journey to sexual continence being a fast track.

So, are you up for challenge? Are you coming or not?

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Retreat is in english with czech translation.


Price for reatreat – 490 EUR

discount 25 € if payed deposit till 31st January 2024


10th – 14th April 2024

​​Center Ziva Voda, Kohoutov u Trutnova, Czech Republic


Accommodation is in three- to six-beds rooms or matrresses in meditation hall.
The diet includes foods of the high quality and superfoods.

              All food on the retreat will be yummy nutritious delicious vegan gluten free food, designed to support your experience.

Accomodation in bed in room with detoxification food is 42 EUR per day.
Accomodation on mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food is 40 EUR per day.

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