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Originating in the islands of the South Pacific, Ka Huna massage is known as the ‘Ancient Hawaiian Temple of Your Soul’ style of massage.

There are numerous meanings for Ka Huna within the Hawaiian language. The first word ‘Ka’ means ‘the light’ and ‘Huna’ means ‘secret knowledge’. ‘Secret’ refers to knowledge and wisdom that is beyond what we can see in our everyday lives.

There is an energy in the human body that allows us to live. Hawaiians say that a thought or belief can block the flow of energy just as much as muscle tension can. In other words, what ails us mentally will irreversibly manifest itself physically. That’s where the lomi-lomi comes in. Lomi-Lomi massage is able to remove blockages within the body, whether they originate in physical pain or psychological distress. The Hawaiian people consider all aspects of the body as a whole. The human body is a unity with all its physical, mental, spiritual and emotional units. If healing is effective on one front, it reaches into other areas with success.

The massage itself is based on techniques using the fingers, palms and especially the elbows and forearms. The rhythm and vigour of the movements are important. Some clients liken the movements to light sea waves passing over their body. The whole body is massaged, especially the back, but also the thighs, hips, arms, neck and neck. The person lying on the lounger is not a rigid object, but a living being returning to a harmonious balance. Aromatic, essential oils and especially coconut milk also help. Gentle, soothing music also plays an important role.

In the Hawaiian Islands in the old days, this technique lasted for several days at a time and was considered an important ritual. Today’s massage parlors offer Hawaiian massage in a shortened time, 60-120 minutes. Even so, lomi-lomi massage is one of the longest and most intense massage techniques.

The uniqueness of this massage is attributed to the large-scale palpation of the forearms, thanks to which there is an intense transfer of heat and energy, the touch is very intense and pleasant.

The traditional conception shows a certain similarity to dance, the soft and deep techniques and movements are simple and graceful. Combined with the scent of natural aromatic oils, Hawaiian massage has a high therapeutic and relaxing effect. It removes tension in the muscles, increases movement abilities, stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic system and above all has a wonderful effect on your psyche.

The massage varies according to the client’s needs in terms of dynamics, massage time and depth of pressure on the tissue.

Each level can be completed separately; however, we recommend completing level 1 and level 2 together.


Some of what you’ll learn on Level 1:

  • How to give and receive a Hawaiian Ka Huna level 1 massage
  • The seven shamanic principles of Huna
  • Frigatebird and albatross dance
  • Stay energised while giving a Ka Huna massage
  • Client consultation, draping, and boundary setting for Ka Huna massage
  • Benefits of Ka Huna massage
  • Indications and contra-indications for Ka Huna massage

    Some of what you’ll learn on Level 2:

    • How to give and receive a Hawaiian Ka Huna level 2 massage
    • Level 2 underbody massage techniques
    • Integrating energy into massage
    • The Eye of Kanaloa meditation
    • The micro/macro-cosmic body orbits 

    Some of what you’ll learn on Level 3:

    • How to give and receive advanced Hawaiian Ka Huna level 3 massage
    • Level 3 underbody massage techniques
    • Hawaiian Ka Huna deep tissue release
    • Passive joint rotation
    • Spinning, sliding, and turning receiver over on the massage table
    • How to perform a two-person Ka Huna massage
    • Blindfold massage
    • Marathon massage
    • The mana stick dance
    • The Cellular Memory Concept (CMC)
    • Using both sides of your brain: rapid Interhemispheric switching
    • Hakalau trance state to see auras
    • Reading body language 

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      € 590 + accomodation and food

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      ​​Czech Republic


      Accommodation is in three- to six-beds rooms or on mattress in meditation hall.
      The diet is detoxifying and contains the highest quality foods including superfoods.

      Total price for accomodation in bed in room with detoxification food is 256 EUR
      Total price for accomodation on mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food is 240 EUR

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