1st October 2023
2 – 6 PM
Tynska ulicka 6, Prague 1

     Female genitals are shrouded in mystery. Although approximately half of the world’s population possesses a vagina or yoni (meaning “sacred part” in Sanskrit), most people are still unfamiliar with female anatomy and sexual function. This fun and informative seminar will equip you with the knowledge you need to feel confident and safe in your contact with female genitals – whether you are a woman or a man. This seminar is not only about sex, but more importantly about reclaiming and expanding female sexuality and the necessary knowledge associated with it.)
Let’s see! .. you know:
  • The actual size and build of the clitoris?
  • The location of your G-spot and how to arouse it?
  • Facts about the female prostate and ejaculation?
  • Facts that prevent us from having an orgasm?
  • Whole body energetic orgasm?
  • The difference between ejaculating from the G-spot and from the A-spot?
         The vagina is often shrouded in a veil of mystery and shame. Many people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when talking about the female genitalia. Even in art, where women have been depicted in detail for centuries, the detail usually ends where the gag begins. Why is that?
    Much of the information available, even in medical and nursing school textbooks, is incorrect or incomplete. Research shows that most sex education focuses on the risks of sexuality and completely omits basic facts about female genitalia, offering little or no information about sexual pleasure. Despite the fact that we live in an information-rich age, there is still disagreement about the true nature of the female anatomy.


    Male sexuality is often given less space than female sexuality, although of course male sexuality is as complex as female sexuality. The female and male body differ in many ways, and at the same time have more in common than we are used to perceiving. Many men rely on classic penetration techniques when making love. In this seminar we will show how to transform lovemaking into higher energy states by focusing on sensation. Through the understanding and practice of simple tantric techniques, men and women can create space for infinite exploration and healing in the sexual realm.


The seminar also touches on the following topics:
  • What are the differences between male and female orgasm?
  • Is there something more behind male sexuality?
  • Can a man have multiple orgasms?
  • Are ejaculation and orgasm the same thing?
  • Can men solve their erection or premature ejaculation problems just by changing their breathing and thinking?
  • What is the source of many women’s frustration during sex and how to overcome it.
  • How to deepen intimacy and connection.
  • How to encourage women to tap into their feminine energy during lovemaking.
  • How important it is for a woman to have a man present and hold space.
  • How women can experience a full-body energetic orgasm with men.
  • How a man can support a woman on the path to higher states of consciousness and pleasure for both.



Retreat is in english with czech translation


€ 50

Special price  €45 if you payed till 30th June 2023


1st October 2023
2 – 6 PM
Tynska ulicka 6, Prague 1

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